About me
Being a freelancer (at least in my case)

Being a freelancer means turning what you love the most into your job. There are those who love writing, those who have always been designing clothes and those who, like me, had a passion for websites from an early age.

Being a freelancer means working in harness with your customers, without the intervention of sales managers (as it occurs in big companies) who, more often than not, don't even know what they are proposing.

Being a freelancer means not having a secretary answering the phone with that standard sentence: "A meeting is now going on, we will be back to you as soon as possible"; being a freelancer is that direct contact that guarantees you success without wasting time.

I ensure delivery terms as agreed, reliability, professionalism and immediate support in case of changes and requests. Why? Because these are the four pillars I believe in, the backbone of my activity.